Karen provides results based services for athletes and people of all fitness levels. She works closely with her clients providing the best training, motivation, and nutritional programs to best suit their unique needs and goals.

In-Person & Online Training
6 Week Feel Healthy Fit & Fabulous Transformation Program
Simply Nourished Whole Food Lifestyle Transformation

About My Paleo eBook

I will teach you my simple approach to living life the Paleo way. This is not about a diet; this is about a simpler lifestyle about looking at healthier, simple eating habits to help you feel healthy, fit and fabulous.

With Paleo you will be AMAZED at how quickly and easily you’ll shed unwanted body fat – and feel the best you have ever felt!

You won’t lose hard earned muscle, you won’t sabotage your metabolism, you won’t struggle to get through your workouts, and you won’t battle food cravings.

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Women’s Transformation Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutritionist, Life Performance Coach, Published Model & Writer, Athlete

A former competitive figure skater and athlete most of her life, Karen is a fitness expert, women’s transformation coach, lifestyle performance coach, nutritionist, business owner, author and motivator. Karen offers women of all backgrounds the opportunity to better their lives through guided fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. She has helped hundreds of women to experience profound life transformations during her career and continues to look for opportunities to work with women who are on the journey to changing their lives for the better no matter where they are in life. Karen’s passion is to empower, educate and to transform women’s lives.

Here are Karen’s Current Coaching Services:

12 Week Transformation Program

One-on-One Private Training (Fit4her)

Online Training & Nutrition

Competiton Prep

Loose Fat, Build Sexy Curves, Feel Healthy

Butt Slayer Bootcamp Details