3 Tips to Lose Weight In 5 Days!

2327303872_6e2fab4c1e_o-2Are you stuck in a weight loss rut of carefully planning your meals, counting every calorie you consume, spending an entire weekend cooking healthy meals for the following week, finding time to exercise and always feeling overwhelmed with trying to lose those last few pounds? All these weight loss strategies work, however they can be very time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly melt the fat out of your body with a few easy adjustments? You can with these three tips that will eliminate stubborn body fat that you cannot seem to lose. Read on to learn three ways you can shed fat within a week!

1. Your Nutrition

Real food doesn’t come in a box, have a shelf life, or have a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. If you are on a diet that is mainly sourced from pre-packaged foods then you need to change your eating habits.

Consistently dieting and not fuelling properly can sabotage your weight loss progression. Start eating the right foods in the right amounts and you’ll realize the best way past a sluggish metabolism is to ignite it with clean, healthy and close to nature foods. Start thinking of food as your fuel and be sure to feed your engine well. Fill up on fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Start by eliminating all of the toxic processed foods, grains, sugars and oils. Listed below are the foods to avoid:4770299620_4f3a9f82c7_o


The entire family of cereal grains should be avoided. This includes refined grains, whole grains, wheat, rice, corn, oats, barley, bread, pasta, muffins, bagels, cereal and baked goods. Proponents of the diet put much emphasis on avoiding white flour and rice as they contain refined carbohydrates.


Any type of white sugar, candy, cake, cookies, pastries, chocolate bars, high fructose corn syrup, soda, juices and special coffee drinks. If it’s made in a bakery or a factory or a restaurant and it’s sweet and packaged, avoid it!

Vegetable Oils and Trans Fats

Avoid vegetable oils and trans fats including; corn oil, soybean oil, canola, sunflower, safflower, margarine, and shortening, anything with “partially hydrogenated” in the ingredients list.


As aforementioned, legumes are not included in the Paleo diet plan. This includes all kinds of beans; string beans, kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, lima beans and mung beans. Again, black-eye peas, sugar-nap peas, snow peas and peanuts should be avoided.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as butter, yogurt, skim milk, whole milk, cream, cheese, ice cream and dairy creamer are prohibited.

Junk Food & Fast Food

Avoid all other junk foods such as; chips, crackers and other convenience foods. As well, avoid fast food restaurants such as; Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, KFC, etc… Simply do not eat these foods, as they are extremely high in calories and low in nutrition. You will find that you will still be hungry and that your cravings increase as your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs.

water2. Drink Water to Lose Weight

Does drinking water really help you to lose weight? The answer is yes! Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste and acts as an appetite suppressant. As well, drinking more water helps to prevent your body from retaining water, leading you to shed those extra pounds of water weight. So what can you do to make sure you’re drinking the recommended eight-to-10 8-ounce glasses per day to keep yourself hydrated and encourage weight loss? Replace high calorie drinks such as sodas, juices and specialty coffees with water, drink in between meals and listen to your body, if you are thirsty then it is a sign that you are not drinking enough.


3. Get Moving!running-573762_640

As much as I am a firm believer in adequate rest and believe you should not repeat the same exercise patterns daily; truth be told the human body is meant to move! I recommend to all my clients that you should be doing something physically active every day, whether it’s traditional exercise or simply “Active” rest.   For overall general health, the American Heart Association recommends a minimum of five days a week of at least thirty minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise with an additional two days a week of muscle strengthening activity.


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