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5 Health Tips for Surviving the Holidays!

It’s that time of the year again, a time for eating, drinking and being festive! Don’t feel that you have to avoid your friends and family this season to stick to your fitness and health goals, you can still enjoy the holiday season without overindulging and winding up with an extra 10 lbs going into the New Year.

Here are a few strategies to help you cope this Holiday season.

It’s OK to Indulge
Life is too short to not indulge over the holidays; however, the parties and gifts of food seem to be endless! The most important thing is to do this in moderation. This can be easy if you plan ahead and decide which treat you really want to splurge on. When you do decide to splurge, plan to get in an extra cardio session and stick to your diet for the rest of the day. Try not to make it a free for all day, as you will only feel guilty, sluggish and tired. Stick to your plan and you will succeed!

How Can I Resist Food That Looks So Good?
Party food always looks so tempting; however, ask yourself a question, “How will I feel after eating them”? Imagine yourself overindulging. How do you feel afterwards? Was the taste really worth the few seconds of satisfaction? Think of this before over indulging. I use this trick every time I go to a social function and it seems to become easier each time!

Increase Your Exercise
Increasing your exercise this time of year has many benefits. Not only will it help to decrease the added stress of the holidays but it will also help burn a few extra calories. One of the biggest complaints I hear this time of year is that people do not have any time – just make the time! Book extra sessions with a trainer who you are accountable to or add more exercise into your day simply by taking the stairs when you can, parking further from the mall or even taking a quick 20 minute walk on your lunch break. The extra exercise will add up and you will feel better come New Years.

It is OK to Politely Decline Party Treats
Just because everyone is indulging in holiday treats does not mean that you have to eat everything too. It is totally acceptable to politely decline tempting treats. If you absolutely have to explain just tell the hostess that you are watching what you eat or that you are simply full from a previous engagement.

Visualize Your Health & Fitness Goals
At the start of the holiday season be sure to revisit your long-term health and fitness goals. Each morning plan and set realistic goals for the day including your meals and scheduled workout. This will make it much easier to stick to your plan and stay on track during the holidays.