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As a fitness expert, nutritionist and holistic health coach, Karen brings a unique blend of experience gained working in the health industry for over 20 years. Her holistic health coaching offers an individualized process to help you move forward in life and to end the diet/binge cycle for good. She provides coaching tools and assists with strategies to promote self-discovery and the exploration of different perspectives to help inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals. She has had great success with her clients by taking a holistic approach to health. Karen believes every individual requires support, knowledge and compassion to achieve great health and wellness.

Hi My Name is Karen Gallagher and this is my story…

For over twenty years I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight and create a life that they love!

Even as competitive athlete for most of my life, I too have struggled with my relationship with food and my body. I have realized that maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle has nothing to do with a specific diet and exercise program. I discovered the real reason WHY I was over eating and being obsessed with food: my life was out of balance, I struggled with self-love and I simply was not happy. Food was my only outlet to fulfilling my happiness, relationships and my relaxation.

Until I was able to acknowledge the cause of my over eating I would never begin to accept and love my body. So I fixed the areas of my life that needed to be nourished, healed my emotional eating and gained control of my weight, health and life. My coaching program teaches women of all walks of life to do this without obsessing about food or dieting at all.

For the past 17 years I have been able to maintain my weight, love my body and to stop feeling crazy around food. I feel beautiful inside and out and I trust my body when she tells me what she needs.

Once I learned how to take care of my self emotionally, spiritually and physically my body naturally came into her ideal shape for my age, current situation and lifestyle. I feel fit, healthy, sexy and in love with my life!
My story and experiences over the past 20 years inspires many womento achieve their life and health goals through body, mind and nourishment.

My specialty is;educating and inspiring women to lead healthier and more balanced lifestyles, weight loss, strength conditioning, whole foodnourishment, healing emotional eating, and self-love. Without having to diet ever again.

It is my strength and passion to teach, motivate and empower women to succeed at creating a life that they love from the inside out.

We have connected for a reason, and I want to help you find what it is you’re searching for. All you need to do is show up and do the work to create the life you desire. This journey will not be easy, however it will reveal a beautiful and confident new you.

I am the support you need, I believe in you. You can do anything that you desire. You may be here to create your new body, or an energizing way to fuel your body or simply to find your purpose and peace of mind. Whatever it is, you will reveal your unique inner goddess and create a life fueled by passion and happiness!

Finally you have come to a safe place where there is no judgement and knowing that where you are right now is OK. I want to share with you the tools that I personally developed and use myself on a daily basis to help you nourish and strengthen your body, restore your soul, and create a beautiful place to grow your authentic self. Together we will take baby steps in finding your authenticity that you can experience every day of your life, to live a life that you love and to weigh less.

Much Love
Karen xo