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Buff and Beautiful at 55!

Congratulations Debbie for losing 10 lbs in 6 weeks! Bikini season is here and you too can improve your health and physique in as little as 6 weeks! Take a peek at how Debbie accomplished her goal! On April 16th I made a challenge with my significant other to lose 8 lbs by June 4th.  I am thrilled today to say that I stepped on the scales and weighed in at a 140 lbs, which is an amazing 10 lbs les ...[Read More]

KRG Cover & Feature of Posedown Magazine!!!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share with you my most recent magazine spread.  I was just recently featured in a 4 page spread as well as a cover shot for Posedown magazine!  This will be my second magazine feature of the year! A huge thank-you goes out to Posedown for this opportunity.  Thank-you!!! Please check it out on pages 28 to 31… Keep posted for ...[Read More]


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