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Figure Athlete & Fitness Model ~ 2009 – present

What were your fitness and competition goals when you started training with Karen?

I was looking for some help with my contest diet and posing and then I loved the way she did things so she started doing my program as well!!! As far as competition goals go….if you asked me a year ago if I ever thought id be 10 days away from competing in a show my answer would have to be no, but ive never been happier!

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

I trusted in her, and saw the way some of her other competitors looked!

What improvements have you achieved so far in your physique since training with Karen?

Where do I even begin…lets just start with the fact that I have ABS…Also my arms are tighter and my legs and glutes…everything is just tighter and not only that im stronger then I ever thought I could be!

What has benefited you the most when training with Karen?

Karen is always there for you 100% it makes everything so much easier!!!!

What do you like most about your pre-contest training and diet?

EVERYTHING…well I could do without the cardio! But most of all I love the fact that Karen gives us lots of variety with our diets and doesn’t just say…. EAT CHICKEN, CUCUMBERS, AND FISH…she’s very reasonable and that’s what I love… also what’s there not to love about eating clean and training your butt off!!

Would you recommend Karen as a trainer?  Why?

Yes 150% and I do all the time, she is awesome and knows her stuff, you can trust her and that’s the most important thing in a trainer I think…. Who has time to be worrying about if their trainer even knows what their talking about!

What are your favorite “diet” and “non-diet” foods?

My FAVORITE diet food would have to be the breakfast of champions…. Oatmeal with flax seed and blueberries and raspberries and side of egg whites….mmmm….. favorite non-diet food…. PEANUT BUTTER seriously anything with peanut butter does it for me… OR ice-cream with peanut M&Ms on top J

What is/are your favorite exercises?

My favorite exercises are anything shoulders or hamstrings….probably side laterals and laying leg curl!!!

What are your most memorable moments training with Karen?

Her kicking my butt in boot camp!!!

What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?

So far training for these shows is it….. but its only just the beginning!!

Christine’s Accomplishments

IDFA ~ 1 st Fitness Model, 2 nd Figure Short

UFE ~ Top 10 Fitness Model Elite


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