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Focus on the Positive

You always get more of what you focus on the most.  What are you focusing on right now?  Is it bringing happiness to your life? Or is it attracting negative frustrations?

Are you focused on the negative, the problems, excuses, the shortcomings and the annoyances? Or, are you focused on your dreams, your greatest possibilities, your passions, and on the things that you value most?

You can choose the reality of your life by focusing on every moment, you have that control! It may seem that certain circumstances can try to steal your focus, however they can only do so with your approval.

Only YOU have the strength and the ability to persistently pull your focus back in line with your most positive and empowering intentions.

It’s not that difficult to maintain your focus. It’s just a matter of overriding some negative habits you may have developed.

Focusing on what’s positive, productive and empowering brings much happiness, and the more often you practice it, the easier it becomes. Focus only on the best you can imagine, and watch how amazing opportunities and good things grow more plentiful in your life.


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