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Do you feel that you are doing fine until you devour a pint of ice cream and can’t stop?You know what I’m talking about…BINGE EATING. Those moments of “I hate myself” “I should not be doing this” all while you are stuffing your face.

Do you feel that you are always on a diet and never being able to stick to it?

Meaning…you “watch what you eat” You count calories, grams of fat, you only eat certain foods at certain times, you restrict and eliminate foods, you label yourself as “being good”.

Do you obsess about obsessing about food?

I promise that you are NOT obsessed with food! And…I can help you to come to peace with food.

Do you hate your body and feel that when you reach a certain weight that you will have the perfect life?

This is the REAL reason why you are obsessed with food and why you feel out of control. All the weight loss gimmicks and diets will never help you, as this is the real reason why you feel crazy around food. If you can relate then I can help you to finally stop feeling crazy around food and come to a place of peace. You will be…

  • So busy with life that you will literally forget to eat.
  • Bored with ice cream after the second or third bite.
  • You will know when to stop eating without having to think about it.
  • So in LOVE with your body and sex life!
  • At peace and will stop thinking about food every moment of the day.

So here’s the deal…If attempting to control your body through dieting or other forced behavioral modifications is working for you, feel free to keep counting every calorie you ingest while the rest of us go out and have fun with our friends, enjoy life, food and LOVE our bodies!

If you’re finding that dieting isn’t working for you, for example; you can only stick to your “plan” for a short period of time before binge-eating you may want to open your brain to the possibility that a new way of thinking and NOT a new diet is what could actually change your relationship with food permanently.

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