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Katie’s Experience…

I decided that I wanted to compete in a fitness show and wanted an experienced trainer who could guide me through the process. I immediately thought of Karen, who I had met earlier at GameChanger workout sessions.  Karen has years of experience in the fitness industry as both a competitor and a coach so I knew that she would be able to guide me through the process of preparing for a show and know how to deal with my questions/concerns.  As well, Karen clearly practiced what she preached in terms of health and fitness, which was very important to me.

Karen immediately made me feel comfortable and was extremely encouraging and supportive. I was already very into fitness but the workout programs Karen created for me kicked my butt and I very quickly saw positive changes in my body. I’ve always had a hard time building muscle but I quickly saw increased definition, especially in my shoulders, back and legs.

Karen also has a very good understanding of nutrition and gave me a food plan that wasn’t too restrictive and worked into my lifestyle. I really appreciated that she focused not only on the calories in food but also on the content to ensure that I not only look fit but was actually healthy.

Thank you so much Karen for being my mentor and making my first show such a positive and rewarding experience. I couldn’t have done it without you!


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