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What were your fitness and competition goals when you started training with Karen?

Before wanting to compete in a fitness competition, I knew that I needed to gain up to 15 pounds and maintain as much muscle tissue as possible to look as good as I possibly could to be a top competitor at the show. With Karen’s guidance, I would need to follow a strict meal plan and weights program for 20 weeks. Training began June 1st 2012.

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

Karen and I have competed together in an athlete competition before and spoke periodically about doing a fitness show, even though I did not think I could ever commit myself to such a strict routine for that long. After multiple meetings, I got hooked and was happy to ask Karen to be my full time trainer for the upcoming Ontario Physique Association (OPA) show on October 20, 2012.

What improvements have you achieved so far in your physique?

Since I began training under the direction of Karen, my results have astonished most and inspired family, clients and many others who see my progress. I have gained 15 pounds of muscle and heavily dropped my Body Mass Index (BMI) to stay lean and stage ready especially depleting for preparation 1 week out from the show.

What health improvements have you noticed?

When you stick to a very healthy diet and train frequently as your program states, you feel better, sleep better, have more energy during the day and are genuinely happier.

What has benefited you the most when training with Karen?

I have always been in shape and have always been an athlete throughout my whole life, but wasn’t sure how to take fitness to the next level. Karen guided me in the right direction, monitored my progress and pushed me day in and day out to achieve greatness, which I did.

What do you like most about your pre-contest training?

I really enjoy a challenge and every workout developed by Karen was intense and exhausting but yet very self-fulfilling. I finished every workout with a smile on my face as if I just conquered another day, hit another milestone and got myself another day closer to my goal.

What do you like most about your contest diet and nutrition?

The diet was very difficult as the weeks wore on due to the things I could no longer eat but training for a show is a science. In order for people to look the way they do, they need to drop many things out of their diet and Karen monitored me very closely to ensure that my body was adapting properly to the changes and allowing me to change correctly leading up to the show.

Would you recommend Karen as a trainer?  Why?

I, with no doubt would recommend Karen as a trainer because she knows what she is talking about both with men and women. She assesses everyone differently and tweaks even the smallest things just to help with end results. Karen has been in this industry for some time now and is very passionate for what she does and anyone can see that the transformations she does with clients are absolutely incredible.

What is your favourite “cheat” or “indulgence” food? 

I always looked forward to my cheat meals, and when I got the opportunity, I would normally get a big juicy burger or a pizza!

What is/are your favourite exercises?

I love making my body sore, and I never fail to make my chest sore every week, however, my favorite exercise to do is deadlift. I began my first deadlift at 135 pounds 4 months ago, and am now lifting 245 pounds for reps with ease and challenge myself every week to strive for my next goal.

Any other comments?

Karen is a wonderful trainer, an inspiring coach and a great person with incredible drive to push limits and always strive for excellence. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to train with KRG and am over the moon that I competed in October and qualified for Ontarios in June, 2013.


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