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Mother of Two Transforms Her Physique!

Mother of Two Transforms Her Physique!


Name:  Tracy Mullin

Age:  41

Years training:  4 years with Karen

What were your fitness and competition goals when you started training with Karen?

I never really had a goal until last November.  Then I walked into Karen’s studio and said, “I want to do a show”.  After I picked her jaw up off the floor, we started to create a plan together.  We decided that I needed to lose 21 lbs to compete in a show.

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

I found Karen on the internet.  I loved the fact that she “walks the walk”.  She believes in fitness and health and she inspires women that anything is possible.  Now that I’ve trained for my own show, I’ve added Karen as one of my role models.  I now get that she’s committed to a healthy lifestyle.

What improvements have you achieved so far in your physique since training with Karen?

I have beautiful shoulders and arms.  I’ve had ‘muffin tops’ for the past few years so it was great to get rid of them.  My butt stands up quite nicely too.  I didn’t think you can get rid of cellulite and guess what, girls…you can!  I did!

What has benefited you the most when training with Karen?

Having a plan and Karen knows when it’s time to change the plan.  I love that I don’t have to think about what I should do next.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to get this body.  I owe it to Karen that I look and feel this great.

What do you like most about your pre-contest training and diet?

My new body of course!  I like that I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs that I couldn’t do it.  That I couldn’t eat clean.  That I couldn’t give up sugar.  That I couldn’t train like an athlete.  I can and I did!

Would you recommend Karen as a trainer?  Why?

Karen rocks!  I love her can do attitude.  When I’m at the gym all alone I can hear Karen’s voice…you can do it, Tracy!

What are your favorite “diet” and “non-diet” foods?

I use to love sugar.  Now that I’ve eaten clean, I can control my sugar cravings.  I use to hate peppers now I love them.  I also love chicken on the bbq.  Believe it or not, I’m still eating it!

What is/are your favorite exercises?

I have to tell myself that I love exercising.  I’d much rather do weights than cardio.

What are your most memorable moments training with Karen?

I usually swear at Karen.  She should have a Tooney jar for clients with potty mouth…she’d be rich!

What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?

At 41 I transformed my body to compete in the Ultimate Fitness Event!  All my friends say I look like a teenager!  I love it!