Your Program Includes:

  • Customized 24 weeks training program
  • Customized 24 weeks nutrition program
  • Customized supplement recommendations
  • Weekly accountability via phone calls & email check-ins
  • Weekly edits to nutrition based on results
  • Accountability Tracking
  • BONUS: Recipe Book

After a through health history assessment I customize your plan based on your goals and abilities.

To apply, message me at karen@fit4her.ca  for a FREE discovery phone session!

**6 Month minimum sign up


Are you ready for a proven system based on:



This exclusive Holistic Stressed Reduced Fat Loss program puts mindful empowerment at the forefront of your journey so you can revitalize your body and life. It gives you the tools to create a body that you love, and to feel happier by breaking the cycle of not feeling enough, self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings and by creating new empowering habits immediately.

This program is designed to help you remove old habits that no longer serve you and to create new ones that support your desire to grow and to achieve your optimal health potential!

You will feel comfortable, confident and powerful in your skin. We will transform your mind, body, and perspective through workouts, meditation, and self-development. You will create a beautiful, healthy body you love living in and a life that you love!

Imagine If You Could…

  • Look in the mirror and love your body?
  • Feel confident in your clothes or bathing suit?
  • Maintain the results you work so hard to achieve?
  • Have a positive relationship with food?
  • Have confidence in your ability to train without injury
  • Stop sacrificing your social life to reach your goals?
  • Stop feeling like a failure when you fall off track?
  • Stop yo yo-ing your body, your focus, and your efforts?
  • Stop sabotaging your efforts & finally get somewhere with your goals?
  • Stop wasting time researching fat loss strategies?
  • Stop losing motivation and stay accountable to your goals?


Some health issues I have been able to help people with include:

  • Inflammation & digestive issues
  • Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Trouble falling and staying asleep
  • PMS Symptoms
  • Migraines and Brain Fog
  • Yeast Infections

As Well As…

  • Eliminate cravings
  • Decreased bloating
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved digestion & bowel movements
  • Better focus & mental clarity
  • Youthful & vibrate skin
  • FEEL healthier, happier & stronger!


To apply, contact Karen@fit4her.ca for a FREE discovery phone session!