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Simply Nourished Whole Food Lifestyle Transformation


Are you frustrated with the endless diets and not seeing the scale budge? Do you struggle with losing stubborn body fat and not fitting into your clothes anymore after spending endless hours in the gym? You feel tired every day and all day? Do you have uncontrollable cravings that easily lead to binging? You feel defeated as TO WHAT foods you should and should not eat? You have become obsessed with obsessing over food – and it feels like it has taken control of your life?

Not to mention… You are juggling a full time career, taking care of your family, and managing a household…etc., so things like eating right gets pushed aside. You’re so overwhelmed with responsibilities, and you have become tired and frustrated with the way you look and feel.

Feeling like a crazy person around food is not cute, and does not feel good. Trust me, I would know. I was one for many YEARS before I threw in the towel and said “I’m gonna enjoy the cheesecake, and I’m not gonna let myself feel bad about it either.”

I slowly started to eliminate old diet-brain thinking patterns that were leaving me frustrated, obsessed with my weight, bloated, exhausted and inevitably plunged into a batch of chocolate chip cookies by the end of the day. And after years of various therapies for emotional eating, binge-eating and countless failed attempts at “intuitive eating” that I was never able to implement because my “spinning brain” always got in the way, I realized I was never going to be able to change my behaviours, unless my thinking was radically changed first.



When I finally stopped thinking like a dieter, I finally started eating “normally” for my body. I stopped bingeing on weird food combinations in the middle of the night; every emotional or physical trigger didn’t send me straight into a bag of M&M’s; eating at restaurants no longer stressed me out; and I stopped spending all my spare time obsessed with googling quick fix weight loss and diet solutions.

My body arrived at the weight that it’s supposed to be — that’s appropriate and natural for my unique frame. No yo-yo dieting, no drastic mood swings; just me, simply enjoying my life, and not letting food control it.

Now what I care about most is giving the gift of sanity around food to as many women as possible. And letting women everywhere know a simple, and effective approach to re-balancing and nourishing their body and mind to achieve the boundless energy, glowing skin, and healthy bodies that they’ve always thought were unreachable.

Your life does not need to revolve around food.

In fact, a life which revolves around food and obsessing about your weight, is statistically most likely to be that which ends up leaving you weight-cycling and feeling “out of control” not to mention feeling absolutely miserable, and wishing ten years from now that you had spent all that diet-time focused on more meaningful life goals.

Together we can get the root cause of the issues holding you back from creating the lifestyle that you desire and feeling your best! If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I would love to hear from you today so we can get started on building your personalized nourishment plan that is simple, clean and delicious all while staying close to nature.



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