Food is one of life’s pleasures. Food is also important for fuelling your body and investing in your overall health. As an active person, you may want to eat well but you struggle with juggling food and good nutrition with your busy schedule of work, exercise, family, and friends. Students, parents, business people, and athletes alike repeatedly express their frustrations with trying to eat high quality diets. “I know what I should eat,” they tell me. “I just don’t do it.” Although they take time to exercise, they don’t always make time, or know how, to eat right. This is why it is important to take the time to educate yourself about nutrition and how to fuel your muscles through a proper diet. I will guide you through a personal nutrition program that suits your lifestyle.

By now, most of you are all well educated to the fact that typical super low-calorie diets don’t work. The majority of the weight lost from severe calorie restriction is lean muscle tissue, not fat. Calorie restriction also is responsible for increased fatigue, irritability, decreased metabolism, and poor mental acuity.

Proper nutrition is also an important way to improve and maintain your health. Years ago, people were plagued by nutrition deficiencies. Today, over eating, in combination with a deficiency of exercise, are the biggest nutrition problems in North America. A lifetime of improper nutrition and inadequate exercise culminates in an accelerated aging process that should, and can be, avoided. Extra saturated fat, cholesterol, refined foods, and gooey calories contribute to obesity, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, and other diseases.

Fortunately, a more successful way to lose body fat and promote health and well being is through a combination of a consistent, healthy diet and proper exercise. Everyone wins in the long run with a wholesome balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, rich in fibre, as well as various vitamin and mineral supplements, coupled with resistance weight training and cardiovascular exercise. It is this “fitness lifestyle” that Fit 4 Her encourages and promotes.

It is also important to supply the body with the right fuel at the right intervals. Circadian rhythms, the natural daily patterns of the various processes within our bodies, are regulated by the cycle of daylight and darkness. Since we produce most of our energy in the daytime and begin to shut down at night for the sleep phase, eating should closely follow this natural metabolic cycle. By doing this, you can decrease your recovery time between intense workouts, maintain muscle tissue, all while improving overall fat burning and thus, losing unwanted fat.

As Professional Trainer and Nutrition consultant, I will help educate you about proper diet and supplementation so you will achieve your lifestyle goals. I will make appropriate adjustments to what you eat which will ultimately bring you positive results. You will increase your energy levels and you will feel great.

You are in charge of your own health and wellness so let me help you achieve that success.

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