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Private Training With Karen

I will analyze your current condition, design a comprehensive personal program to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals, to teach you correct form and technique, to monitor your progress, and… TO MOTIVATE YOU!

As your trainer, through support and expertise, I will keep you moving towards your success, while maintaining a positive and genuine concern for your progress. I will support you towards your goals while challenging you to keep you focused on the rewards of fitness. When you reach your fitness plateau, I will redesign your workout to advance you to the next level, so you will continue to achieve the maximum benefits for your efforts. By changing your workout, your program will remain fresh and new, keeping your interest and challenging your body.

Private Training Options

Are you Serious About Fitness?

You may be someone who is already serious about your health and fitness, or maybe you have been feeling a little lost and have decided it’s time for a change.  One thing is certain: you are serious about taking care of you.

This program is for someone who is committed to transforming their lifestyle over the next twelve months.  You will become educated, motivated, and inspired on this journey of complete body & mind transformation.

Your new lifestyle will become a way of life and not just another fad.

Are you a busy entrepreneur, businesswoman, working Mom or stay at home Mom? Are you a woman who wants to invest in herself to feel fit, healthy & fabulous in all aspects of your life?

I am dedicated to empowering and challenging you to begin a health and wellness journey that will lead you to a life you deserve.

Your Serious About Fitness Program includes:
  • VIP Reserved Workout date two to three times a week for 50 weeks of the year
  • Four private health and fitness goal setting meetings
  • Personalized whole food meal plan
  • Supplementation guidance
  • Personalized take home weight and cardio program
  • Pantry refresh or make over
  • Grocery store educational experience
  • Free access to my Feel Healthy, Fit & Fabulous emotional eating coaching program
  • Unlimited email and text message support
  • Free access to private Facebook group


Would you like to chat about whether this is a good fit for you? Drop me a line at and tell me your three health and fitness goals and I will reach out and schedule a time for us to connect.

Karen Answers your FAQ’s!

1) After I start working with a trainer, when will I begin to see results?Typically, clients will start seeing results immediately! You will start to notice changes such as increased energy, improved sleep, less stress, overall healthy feeling. Within 4-8 weeks, you will begin notice physical changes in your physique. You will start to lose inches of fat and excess body weight, improved strength and muscle tone, and increased flexibility.

2) How often should I train with Karen?I would recommend 3 times/week for best results. You will always push beyond your comfort zone with a trainer and therefore giving you better quality workouts. Working more often with a trainer will also increase your level of knowledge and opportunity to learn correct form with least risk of injury.

3) How important is my nutrition?Nutrition is 80% of the total picture! I always tell clients that you can train 7 days a week for hours per day and if your nutrition is not 80% you will see very little results (if any at all!). I will teach you proper eating habits incorporating clean healthy foods that you will find easily at your local super market. You will have more energy, improved digestion, Nutrition is not only important for fueling your body but as well for optimal health.

4) Why is it important to have a trainer?I always tell people this; if you had a BMW, Bentley or any luxury car for that matter. Would you neglect regular maintenance? Most likely not. I teach people to treat their bodies like an expensive car or champion race horse. In order to get the best performance from your body, you must receive regular maintenance through a knowledgeable and professional personal trainer. For most of us we have very little knowledge on how to maintain our cars so we seek professional help and trust in the knowledge that we are told. The same for our bodies. It is important to not only look after our body but as well to seek the correct information for our personal goals and body types. With Karen, you will receive 100% attention, motivation, support and knowledge. You will see your ultimate body through personal training.