Sugar Cleanse

Beat your sugar cravings in only 14 days with my SUGAR CLEANSE!

This plan is made to set you up for success. It includes:

✓ Easy to follow 14-day Sugar Cleanse program & guide booklet

✓ Simple, yet delicious recipes

✓ Lifestyle guidelines

✓ Detailed grocery shopping lists

✓ 15-minute coaching call with Karen

✓ Community support group

Did you know that reducing your sugar cravings can have the following effects on your health and life:

✓   lose weight and keep it off

✓   look younger and have healthier skin

✓   Reduce inflammation in your joints

✓   Reduce sugar cravings

✓   Decrease headaches and mental fog

✓   flatten your tummy

✓   Improve quality of sleep

✓   Reduced bloating

✓   kill parasites, and candida living in your gut

✓   increase your energy

✓   create a healthy relationship with food

✓   and of course, stop being a slave to sugar!

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