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What It REALLY Takes to Lose Weight

There is no perfect person. (No matter how awesome you are.) Yet when many of us contemplate a health plan, weight loss program, or other lifestyle change, we start with the expectation that we need to be perfect. But how could you be? You have stress, and feelings, and previous habits, and maybe a job or school or kids or a pet, and days when you feel like crap. If perfection is require ...[Read More]

The MURPH in Honour Of Murphy

The MURPH in Honour Of Murphy

As many of you may already know I just recently lost my adorable and loving cat Murphy. Despite what anyone says, losing a pet is one of the hardest things to experience. Our pets become part of our family, they connect with us, protect us, they don’t complain and they offer so much unconditional love. It wasn’t the first time that I experienced losing a beloved pet. I grew up on a farm and have g ...[Read More]