Top Reasons You Should Join a Fitness Boot Camp

Are you revising your health goals for 2014 and finding that you are straying from your fitness and nutrition plan? Are you tired of your same fitness routine? Do you find that your motivation is diminishing? Are you looking to add some fun and meet new people while you get fit? If so, an outdoor fitness boot camp may be for you!

It takes a lot of will power and motivation to maintain a training program without the assistance of a trainer and it can be very easy to fall into a plateau or rut at the gym. Unfortunately this can eventually lead you to boredom and potentially keeping you from reaching your fitness and health goals. One of the best ways to stay motivated and to achieve your fitness and health goals is to join a boot camp.

Over the past recent years, boot camps have gained great popularity in the fact that participants can spend less money than on the average trainer and still gain the results they desire. Most boot camps will mainly consist of cardio, strength training and endurance exercises that are intended to help you get into your best shape within only a few hours a week.

There are many benefits to joining a local boot camp in your area.  If your primary goal is to lose weight and stubborn body fat then boot camps are the best place to start and will have you burning maximum calories within no time.  On average you will burn between 600-1000 calories (depending on your body weight) in a one-hour class, which is more than running for an hour!

Unlike boring gym workouts, boot camps are designed to keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated. Each class will typically offer a wide variety of exercises and challenges that require very little or no equipment and will prevent you from boredom that often occurs with your regular gym routine.

One of the great aspects of joining a boot camp is having the opportunity to socialize with people that have a similar interest. With this team effort spirit, it will give you the extra drive to continue being your best and to also look forward to exercising with like-minded people.  Exercising with other people and trying something new not only challenges you but as well can lead to a lot of fun!

Considering that your health is your most important asset, it is worth joining a fitness boot camp and making the most out of this opportunity. Boot camps are simply the only place where you can find motivation, make friends and try out a wide range of workouts that will push your fitness to the next level. Boot camps are accessible to all fitness levels, even though they may seem intimidating to many beginners. Even if you’ve never set foot in a gym, your instructor is there to educate you and guide you through your new fitness journey. Boot camps are one of the best ways to see results – you will boost your metabolism, burn unwanted body fat, lose inches, lose weight, feel and look the best you have ever felt in years!

Karen is a leading fitness professional, nutritionist, author, speaker, bikini model and owner of Fit 4 Her Personal Training; she offers local boot camp classes in the Brooklin and Whitby areas.  For more information about how you can achieve incredible results and FEEL Healthy, Fit and Happy please visit my Boot Camp page: Butt Slayer Boot Camp


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Karen Gallagher

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