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Holiday Survival

This holiday season, when your social schedule begins to expand, your waistline doesn’t have to.

Do you need help making yourself a priority during the holidays? Learn how to navigate and handling the holidays with my Holiday Survival Program! 

This plan is made to set you up for success. It includes:

✓ 15 Minute consultation

✓ Initial health history intake questionnaire

✓ 1 X 30 minute coaching call to discuss plan of action & how navigate obstacles

✓ Easy to follow 14-day meal plan with recipes & grocery lists  

✓ Holiday recipe book with over 30 recipes

✓ Lifestyle survival tips for the holidays

✓ 4 weeks of workouts 


✓ Learn tips for restaurants & social gatherings 

✓ Learn how to structure your nutrition so you can enjoy the festivities

✓   Maintain your weight over the holidays

✓   Reduce inflammation in your joints from overindulging 

✓   Reduce sugar cravings

✓   Decrease headaches and mental fog

✓   Improve quality of sleep

✓   Reduced bloating

✓   Increase your energy

✓   And of course, not gain 10-15 lbs over the holidays!

WHAT IT ISN’T: This is not a low calorie quick weight loss program, or cardio based program to get thin quick… only to leave you to bounce back as soon as you finish! 

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