“From Christmas 2001 to March 21, 2001 I had gained 20 lbs of weight and was not feeling well about myself. When I first start training with Karen, nutrition, weight loss and getting back into shape were my main goals.  Karen pushes me to do my very best. I feel very comfortable working with her. I have so much life and energy. I am extremely happy. I have lost 15 lbs. And I look so much better. I have more definition and thanks also to Karen’s knowledge of nutrition I know I am eating healthy.” – Judith

“When I first started training with Karen, I wanted to reduce my body fat to a respectable level (below 30%), build strong bones to help keep osteoporosis at bay, and to firm & tone sagging underarms and thighs and strengthen chest and shoulders.

Her enthusiasm is infectious. She motivates me to push a little harder each time. She gives lots & lots of encouragement and is extremely positive with a lovely personality.

I have achieved fabulous results so far and only halfway through the program. Already I have achieved my goal of less than 30% body fat and lost and gained inches in all the right places.” – Joan

“I did Tai-Chi, and walked the dog for an hour each day. This was good for my personal well-being, and I was convinced that this would be enough. However, I found that I lacked muscle strength for skiing, golfing, which means that I needed help.

Karen came highly recommended, and I am more comfortable training with a woman. So far, I see more toning. Losing weight was not my primary goal however, I am pleased that I seem to have more energy. I also gained more muscle, and that is great! We still have a ways to go, Karen. Hang in there with me! Thanks.”

P.S We also drink more water! – Joanna

“Karen is an excellent personal trainer. She is extremely pleasant and encouraging. Karen is a great motivator. She is attentive to the goals I wish to attain and is focused on what to do in order to achieve them.” – Janet

“Working with Karen has helped me reach my fitness goals in a shorter span of time than it would have taken me to reach these goals by myself. Karen has also re-educated me on the principals of fitness and nutrition all while providing me with continuous motivation and dedication. If you’re thinking of getting a personal trainer, in my opinion, Karen is the best!” – Erin