Strength & Conditioning Specialist

I truly believe that strength and conditioning is the backbone of any athletic performance.  My priority is ensuring that my athletes are educated, healthy, strong and competitive.

Sport specific strength and conditioning training will include strength, power, speed, cardiovascular and flexibility techniques to optimize performance and reduce risk of injury.

I will carefully tailor each program to specifically meet the physical and mental demands that are placed on the body throughout all areas of an individual’s sport. I work with athletes of all ages and athletic abilities ranging from hockey, soccer, competitive running, fitness and figure skating.

Depending upon your sport specific performance needs, the strength and conditioning program includes agility, specialized exercises to increase power and speed, interval training, strength training, speed training, flexibility and nutritional guidance.

Strength & Conditioning Involves:

  • Muscular Strength
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Quickness
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Core stability and rehabilitation
  • Nutritional support

What is strength and conditioning specialist and how are they different from a regular trainer?

A strength and conditioning specialist is a professional who is educated to design and implement training and conditioning programs for athletes. These programs are designed to maintain the health of the athlete, as well as improve their overall speed, power, strength, and flexibility, all while preventing injury and improving sport performance. A strength and conditioning specialist is different from a personal trainer, and different from a traditional coach who teaches sports skills or strategy. A strength and conditioning specialist is coaching the athlete to physically become more capable to compete and succeed.

How often does an athlete need to train with a strength and conditioning specialist?

There is not much that can be accomplished in training an athlete in one session. Typically strength and conditioning specialists are seeing athletes on a regular basis, sometimes as often as 3-5 times/week. Performance development takes time and multiple sessions to help the athlete become stronger and achieve certain goals.

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