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Are you ready to feel confident, vibrant, sexy and comfortable in your skin, without having to diet again in your life?

Do you want to have the courage to act on your dreams, the ability to be fully present and to have an overflowing abundance of energy EVERYDAY!

Then I’m ready to work with you!

If you desire to have a better relationship around food and your body, or you have tried every diet and weight loss program without success, keep reading…

Do You Relate to These Following Statements?

Most of the time I’m fine… until my face devours a pint of ice cream without coming up for air

  • I’m obsessed about obsessing about food
  • I hate my body, and believe that my life will completely change when I lose X amount of pounds
  • People will judge me if they see me in a swimsuit
  • I can’t go to the gym until I lose weight first
  • I want to exercise but I don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym
  • I have given up on my passions and dreams to make everyone else happy
  • I feel positive deep inside but the reality of my life makes me feel defeated
  • I feel a pull towards becoming something greater but feel lost as to how to get there
  • I feel unfulfilled and disconnected in most of my relationships
  • Sex with the lights on – NO WAY!!!

These are the myths that you believe and your intuition is
telling you that you can’t keep living like this. This not
only effects your self-esteem and self love it effects
everything – your career, your relationships and your joy
in life.

“Karen is an amazing trainer who cares about women and their struggles. Her exercise programs are exciting and easy to follow. Nutrition plans are awesome! I truly adore Karen and think she is what you need to change your life”

~ Jen B

I’m Ready To Live My Best Life From The Inside Out!

I’m Karen Gallagher and I work with women like you who want to look and FEEL their best everyday and who want to live their BEST life!

I know how you feel because I too have been exactly where you are. I too have struggled with my relationship with my body and food and I have finally learned the secret to putting an end to emotional eating and it has nothing to do with a diet or exercise program. I discovered that there was a reason why I was over eating and feeling obsessed with food and the answer was not my weight. Food was my only outlet to fulfilling my happiness, relationships and my relaxation.

It was a very painful and lonely way to live. Which is why I created this program for you.

Over the past 20 years, I have studied and worked with thousands of women to inspire them to achieve their ultimate health potential through body, mind and nourishment and to find peace around food and their body.

It is time for you to move into a mental space and place in your life where food and your weight no longer control you.


“Karen is a one of a kind person!!! She’s very determined and knowledgeable. It was truly great meeting you in person!

~ Ilina

I’m Ready To End Emotional Eating and To Never Diet Again!

Some Of The Results You Will Expect From This Program…

  • Live diet FREE for the rest of your life
  • Have an abundance of confidence and self-love…believing you look gorgeous everyday!
  • The ability to stop at one cookie, one serving of ice cream or a handful of chips
  • The freedom to enjoy chocolate, bread, wine and cheese without feeling guilty
  • Increased fun, romance, and connection in your relationship
  • The confidence to whip up a delicious and healthy meal in 30 minutes or less
  • Clear strategies for optimal health that don’t involve boring meal plans, calorie counting or restrictive diets
  • Actually looking forward to working out and enjoying it!

And some unexpected results…

  • A better relationship with your family and friends
  • Feeling of being more connected spiritually
  • Less stress, overwhelm and sadness
  • Simple ways to get organized so you have time for the things you thought you were too busy to enjoy
  • Feeling sexy, feminine, energized and carefree!

“You have a way of not judging as we often judge ourselves too harshly, you have a true passion for wanting to help people live better lives and you are very skilled”

~ Carrie F

This is how it works and what you will get…

Private Coaching

I will inspire and support you with bi-weekly private sessions with me over the phone (or Skype) for six months. This is where you and I will dive into your unique struggles with food and body image. I will very quickly be able to tell you where your thinking is keeping you stuck, and what you need to change. I will provide you with the very best tools, topics and teachings on how you can live a more meaningful life and take the best care of your body. Women have had the most incredible breakthroughs on these calls.

Continuous Support Via Emails & Text

No one is perfect and we all fall off the wagon once in a while when we least expect it. Email and text message support will be available to you at anytime so that you are connected to me when you need the support and guidance most.

Personalized Homework

I will provide you with suggested readings, exercises and meditations that will support you in your journey. What will make the most difference in achieving success is what you do in between our sessions rather than during. I’m very mindful about what each client reads and practices so that they will see dramatic results.

Personalized Fitness Program

I will create a fitness program specifically for you and your current lifestyle. It will include weight and cardio conditioning routines that can be done at home, on the road, or at the gym with minimal equipment.

Nutritional Coaching

I will teach you how to eat intuitively and to manage your emotional eating with simple tools and techniques so that you will never have to diet for the rest of your life. You will come to a place of peace and sanity around food and your weight where they no longer control you.


Of course I will to give you endless inspiration and easy to follow recipes so you know exactly how to cook delicious meals that will make you feel great. Even your family will LOVE the recipes!

What we will cover each month…

Month One and Two – Body and Nourishment

  • Learn the biggest mistake every woman makes when it comes to eating and how to reverse it
  • The secret for cutting your portions without even thinking about it.
  • The best foods for weight loss
  • The exact strategies for overcoming your obsession with food
  • Reasons why successful women eat too much and how to become more centered, relaxed, efficient fat burning machine.
  • How to indulge in wine, cheese and chocolate and still lose weight
  • Everything you need to know about cooking: simple and delicious!
  • How to discover your food intolerances and sensitivities
  • The secret to eating the exact amount you need to lose weight without worrying about portions or hidden ingredients.
  • Look forward to going to the gym and working out.
  • Have an active lifestyle that you enjoy!

Month Three – Creating More Fun and Joy

  • Why women have stopped having fun, and why getting it back into your life is so important.
  • Exactly what you need to do to create an adventurous, romantic, meaningful and crazy-fun life.
  • The fundamental flaw in most diet-programs, and the simple shift that will guarantee this is the last weight loss program you’ll ever invest in.

Month Four – Love

  • Activities to help you embrace your sensuality to help improve your relationships, career, happiness and body image.
  • The secret to finding or creating a relationship full of romance, support and really good sex!
  • Why your family could be holding you back from having a life and body you adore.
  • How to find friends that really “get you”, releasing the guilt around eating healthy in front of them and breaking free from the “comparison trap”

Month Five – Career

  • Why having a job you hate is keeping you trapped
  • Discover your purpose in life
  • Find the energy, time and money to pursue your highest ambitions.
  • How to have fun at work even if you currently hate your job.

Month Six – Spirituality

  • Find your unique style of meditation and use it to create fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Learn how to become less reactive in situations you can not control
  • Guided meditations for grounding, inspiration and manifestation.

“Choosing to work with Karen is hands down best decision I ever made for my own health, confidence and well being.  Karen is motivating, friendly, and challenges you to push yourself to do things you didn’t think you could do.  Over the years I have done all the weight loss fads, and none of them have given me the results I have seen with Karen.  My lifestyle, and more importantly my outlook on my own body and health, has drastically changed and I would not have been able to do without her support and encouragement.”

~ Andrea C

Are you Ready to Live Your Dream Life From The Inside Out?

Your Investment:

Pay in Full – $3570 – with $100 discount
Monthly instalments: $595/month

Still sitting on the fence? Then schedule a 30 minute complimentary discovery session with Karen