Creating Balance through Travel!

I’m sitting here over looking an incredible view of the city of Venice, Italy as I watch the morning traffic of boats pass by on the Canale Della Giudecca.  It is calming to hear the putter of boats as they push through the crisp morning waves, much better than the honking of horns and road rage back home in Toronto!  It is incredible how a 10 day vacation can so sadly and quickly disappear, honestly where does time go?!   My husband and I are just wrapping up our quick tour of Italy with our final visit here in Venice.  Over the past ten days we have visited Rome, Siena, Tuscany, Florence and Venice.  If you ever get a chance to visit, I would highly recommend it on your list of places to travel in the world!
As some of you may already know, I LOVE to travel and I make a point of taking time out of my hectic schedule to see the world at least every 4 months. There are so many beautiful and unique places to visit in the world and we have been fortunate to travel to quite a few countries including Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hawaii, Barbados, the Caribbean and to several states in the US.  Still, there are many countries on my list to visit… it is just finding time to see it all.  I truly believe that balance is so important in one’s lifestyle even for fitness athletes and after all…we only live once!

Speaking of balance and lifestyle, a few questions many of my clients ask as I plan a vacation away from the luxuries of home is “will you workout’?  And “how do you manage to eat healthy”?  Hmmm…great questions!  To me it is a matter of lifestyle and what I’m used to.  I have been active my entire life and I always seem to be able to “make do” while I’m away from home.  I do this simply by planning ahead of time.  It is very common for most hotels to have a well equipped fitness center.  I make the point of most days rising a bit earlier to fit in a quick run and/or circuit weight training session.  I find that in the morning it is easy and it is done for the day which leaves me more time to tour the city and enjoy the lifestyles of the country I’m visiting.

As for food, it can be a challenge!  I do LOVE to eat and of course like many people I like to try new foods in different countries.  I’m going to be honest; my food intake is typically 85-90% healthy year round HOWEVER I do like to indulge in few sweets and the odd glass of wine from time to time. It is all about balance right?  So, when I’m on vacation and away from my typically chicken and veggie packed fridge, I too find it challenging; however, I know that I don’t want to waste my hard earned efforts on one week’s worth of splurges!

So, I try to make things simple and always travel with a few basics such as my supplements and all natural protein bars just in case I’m stuck.  As for eating in restaurants, I find it quite easy, I guess I’m used to it and again it is my lifestyle.  Most restaurants you can order salads, veggies, and lean meats such as fish, chicken and steak.  Even fast food restaurants offer salads and fresh fruit! So far, I have had no problems ordering healthy foods while here in Italy.  Everything is so fresh and full of flavor! It is the extra indulgences that seem to be calling my name repeatedly everyday!  So needless to say I did give in a few times to Italy’s famous creamy Gelato and of course my weakness good wine…honestly how could I not!

As you can see, as a business owner and fitness athlete, it is so important to have balance in your lifestyle, whether you enjoy travel, food or simply spending time with loved ones, we all need that time away so that we not only enjoy the beautiful things that life has to offer but to also recharge our bodies and minds.


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