My 2017 Goals!

untitled-design-2With only 10 days into the New Year, I must admit it does feel great to start fresh on a new journey!

2016 seemed to be a challenging year for many and especially world wide with deadly attacks, natural disasters and political let downs….it seemed that with each week there was “something” that was creating a stir in the world.

I must say that my 2016 was a bit of a roller coaster for me and my family however the challenges that we faced only made us stronger and closer. My father was diagnosed for the second time with cancer and also managed to walk away from a tremendous fall at our cottage without getting seriously hurt or drowning. As well, my mother made a few emergency hospital visits, and we were grateful for nothing too serious.

As an only child and having the stresses of taking care of two aging parents it can be overwhelming at times. This past summer was one of those times where I felt that I could not come up for air. However the lessons and gifts that I took from the challenges were well worth it for both my parents and me.

I’m sure that you have heard of “blessings in disguise” and this past year consisting of many hours in the hospital and emotional moments in the cancer ward brought my family and I closer. As well, it made me realize what truly matters in life. It’s not about how much money you make, the house you live in, the car that you drive or your social media status…it is realizing what truly matters at the end of the day and to me that is family and love.

There are so many things in life that are out of our control, which we can do nothing about. However each day we allow for much of it to consume us. We cannot control what the universe delivers us however we can control our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

So why do I tell you my challenges of 2016? Because, it is important when setting new goals for the future and for how I want to FEEL in the up coming year. In order to move forward and to become a better person sometimes you new to have set backs, and to encounter challenges that you have no control over. I believe that challenges make us stronger, more loving and empathetic.

Sometimes you think you have it all together then realize that certain things in life need to be changed. You may need to reassess your career, the people who you associate with and the choices that you make each day.

With each unexpected turn in the road, it is an opportunity to re-focus and to evaluate how you are living your life, who you want to connect with and who you truly want to be. Sometimes losing focus brings you right back to where you are suppose to be.

Last year was a challenging year for me and at times I felt that my focus was off and I was not living to my potential. However it was with these challenges that I became a better person. My goals this year are to live with authenticity, to love more, to be happier, to be present and to achieve greater.

My Words To Live By….


  1. Spirituality
  • Daily prayers/affirmations in the evening before bed
  • Daily meditation for 5-10 minutes
  • Reiki monthly

I have always been very spiritual and considered by father as a “free spirit” kind of girl. I have always felt a connection to the universe and been the type of person who takes each day as it comes and not to stress about the outcome or future. I live in the moment and try to allow situations to unfold naturally. I feel mentally at ease and most connected when I take time each day to meditate and time each night before bed to read a positive affirmation. As well, Reiki has been a new practice for me over the past 6 months and my goal is to receive treatments each month. I really feel a deeper healing and relief of mental and physical stress cleared from my body.

  1. Creativity & Joy *
  • Pottery class
  • Horse back riding
  • Reaching out to old friends
  • Create a bucket list each season
  • Cooking class
  • Being in nature

This is my favorite category as it brings so much joy and happiness! It allows for my creative side to emerge and for me to fully enjoy where I am in life.

My Grandfather was a Ceramist and I still regret not taking lessons with him, my goal is to take a beginners class this February in Pottery to learn this beautiful art. As well, as a little girl I grew up riding horses and my passion has always been with this gorgeous and gentle animal. I want to start riding again in the spring. Not only do I find horseback riding fun but I also find it is very meditative.

Winter Bucket List…



  1. Finances

Creating a plan for my future is my main goal this year. Over the past few years I have invested a lot into my business and education. This year my focus is on financial growth as well as planning for my future retirement.

  1. Career *

I’m grateful to be in a career that I love! My goal this year is to inspire and help as many women as possible and to launch my holistic health coaching business. I want to continue to strive to transform women’s lives by helping them achieve and maintain their highest health potential through my holistic health approach.

  1. Health & Fitness

This area of my life has always been my favorite! I love moving my body, as I feel my best when I’m in motion! So for me it is naturally a way of life. There are areas that I do want to focus on especially after 20 years of being in competitive sports. At my point in life I feel that less is more and I have really changed my approach to fitness. My old days of 7 days a week in the gym has now shifted to about four times a week in the gym, with yoga, running and hiking in between. My body feels it’s best with this new approach. As well, 90% of the time I focus on fueling my body with lots of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, lean hormone-free proteins and healthy fats. I use a theory of “crowding out” with whole foods with no measuring or weighing. Simple and easy!

  • Yoga 1-2 times per week
  • Weights 3 Times a week
  • Cardio Daily – I LOVE running!
  • Eat mainly vegan and organic and hormone free
  • Hiking
  1. Relationships & Love 

I want to surround myself and build relationships with like-minded positive people. Distance myself from negativity and selfishness.

To be in a loving, committed relationship that believes in unconditional love with a shared goal of partnership, family, and lifestyle interests. Someone who is caring, compassionate, healthy, funny, trust worthy and respectful.  I want to share my life with someone who challenges me to become a better person and who supports me as an individual and communicates with me. I want to meet my best friend for life and someone who makes me feel safe and who I can connect with on a deep level.

Karen’s Manifesto….



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Karen Gallagher

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