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Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule


One of the biggest excuses that I hear every week is “I don’t have time to exercise”. I do understand as I too struggle with the same challenges of fitting exercise into my busy schedule however I make the time for myself and you should too!

With family, work, children’s activities and maintaining a home, you can feel overwhelmed and time feels like a limited resource. Even in today’s hectic society, you can find time to exercise. It is as simple as you getting more creative, managing your time and making exercise a priority. It is up to you, because it is always your choice.

The good news is that it just takes a little organizing and time management and it is easy! Here are 5 ways to find time to workout during your busy schedule…

Workout on your Lunch Break

Energize your self during your lunch break with a power workout. If you are pressed for time, shorten your shower time by organizing your gym bag ahead of time with dry shampoo, face wipes and body mist.

Schedule a Workout into your Phone

Schedule your workout just like any other appointment in your day. This way you will make time for it instead of hoping you will have time for it at the end of the day.

Workout with a Friend

Exercise buddies are great for accountability. It is an excellent way to catch up with a friend and to schedule in your workout. Planning to meet for a jog in the park or spinning class is much healthier than meeting for drinks or bar food.

Make your Workout Short and Sweet

Sometimes you may not always have time for an hour-long workout however a shortened workout is better than no workout at all! If you only have 20 minutes try a quick jog or full body weight circuit to save on time.

Change your Bedtime and Wake Early

If you find yourself wasting the end of your day on mindless TV, going to sleep a little earlier could be just what you need to wake up early enough to exercise before the craziness of the day begins. You will be surprised at how much extra energy you will have for the rest of your day and ultimately the healthier food choices you will make.




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