Embrace Your Vacation & Bikini Body with These 5 Tips

Ever been on vacation felt all of your eating rules flying right out the window?

It’s that moment when you’re not in your natural habitat, and suddenly you feel like you have a license to eat everything in sight.

Only when you do get home, you feel sluggish, exhausted, and guilty instead of refreshed, rested, and revived. Hardly the point of a vacation, is it?

I hear you. In fact, that’s one of the questions I get asked the most often–how do I stay on track on vacation without gaining weight and losing control?

I too used to dread vacations. In fact, they stressed me out.

Instead of getting excited about an exotic location or much-needed time off, I’d be obsessing about “slimming down” so that I’d look good in the bikini and the dresses I planned to wear.

And when I got to my vacation destination, I felt a lost of control.

Even worse, I spent the rest of my time stuck in my head, obsessing about food. What I could eat, what I couldn’t eat…

In the end, I lost many precious moments because I couldn’t get out of my head. I was in such a brain fog from obsessing about food that I missed my own vacation.

Then one day I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to feel differently on my next trip. And I did.

I wanted to enjoy my vacation to the fullest, and without worry about what I was going to eat. But at the same time, I wanted to feel alive, energized, and empowered.

So I decided my next trip I wanted to feel good! Feeling confident was my goal.

I enjoyed in all my favourites. The desserts wine and bread….I savoured every bite, and I never felt the least bit guilty. And even more interesting–I always come back home weighing less than I did before the trip!

How did I do it? That’s what I’m sharing with you today!

I have 5 tips that I use on vacation and that I currently use in everyday life.

#1: Make feeling good the top priority.  When you’re on vacation, how do you want to feel? Would you rather feel engaged in the experience, or would you prefer to be tired, sluggish, and exhausted?

Enjoy every moment of the trip–including the food–and feel energetic and fabulous in the process.

Allow yourself to have anything you want to eat, but at the same time, put your mental focus on feeling good.

That way you not only get to experience the food that you want, but also make conscious food choices that will leave you energized, nourished, and happy.

#2: Include at least one whole food at every meal.

Understand your body’s needs, and make choices to support it along the way.

For example, if you know that your body feels the most empowered when it has greens, vegetables, and light fruits. Then at every meal, along with the local delicacies, include the veggies, the fruits, and of course the indulgences.

#3: Eat enough! 

Maybe you have so much planned in your day that you skip breakfast or forget to have lunch. Then when dinnertime rolls around, you are running on empty, or maybe you have a few too many pre-dinner drinks, and then all hell breaks loose with food.

Some of us even plan it that way–to skimp on calories throughout the day so that it’s “acceptable” to indulge in that large evening meal.

When you don’t properly fuel your body throughout the day, vacation or not, starvation mode kicks in.

We’re talking constant obsessive thoughts about food. Eating on autopilot when you DO allow yourself to eat. Cravings for foods that you never “let” yourself have

But if you take care to eat adequately throughout the day, you feel more energetic. And you won’t go into that end-of-the-day overeating frenzy because you don’t need to.

#4: Eat in the moment. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean disregarding the strategies that support you in your day-to-day life.

For example, living in the present moment and honoring your body is just as crucial on holidays as it is every other day. In fact, in many ways, present moment living, especially when it comes to food choices, can make your vacation even more fulfilling!

Here’s what I mean by that…

Let’s say that you indulged in some “forbidden food” earlier in the day. You think to yourself, “Oh, well, I blew my diet anyway, might as well keep going …”

But what if you decided to make a food choice that would support you NOW rather than base it on what you ate for lunch?

Make every food choice based on how you want to feel in the moment, not in response to what you did yesterday. Don’t eat the cookies now because you ate cookies at lunchtime and you feel like you “blew it anyway.”

#5: Let yourself enjoy foods that you might not typically have! Let’s remember one thing–you’re on vacation, and you want to have an exceptional experience! And of course, food is part of that experience.

You don’t have to deny yourself that experience for fear of losing control.

It goes back to something I talk about a lot with clients, letting go of control and shaming your way into eating “right.” Which as we all know only backfires in the end.

So oddly enough, the key to not losing control is actually to let GO of control.

Here’s what I mean by that…

An amazing thing happens when you tell your brain and your body that you can have any food you want at any time. That mystical, forbidden pull to those foods diminishes, along with the power that those forbidden foods have over you.

Now, knowing that you can have any food at any time, when you come across a food that you don’t usually indulge in, ask yourself this present-moment question…

Do I want this right now?

Asking this simple question will realign you with your true self. You’ll be able to tell if you want something because it’s “not allowed,” or you genuinely wish to experience the pleasure of a special delicacy.

Keep yourself in each moment, ask the right questions, and take supportive action. It’ll leave you feeling balanced and content throughout your trip.

I know this one can feel particularly scary but for the women in my program this happens, if you want to learn how you can create this a reality for yourself then message me for a free discovery session.

If you’re about to take a trip, use these tips to help you enjoy the full experience! They’ll help you stay in your power, feel amazing, and relish your vacation in every moment.

And the best news of all is that you can apply these simple steps to empower yourself when you get back home, too!

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