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scale-403585_640Many of us become obsessed with weighing ourselves and what the scale tells us when it comes to weight loss. I too have been caught up in the scale obsession, especially throughout my competitive skating years.  I vowed after those years that I would never weigh myself again and that my tightest pair of jeans would be my new assessing tool. Unfortunately the weight scale can become an everyday burden and obstacle that prevents us from achieving the weight loss goals we are seeking.

What if you were to stop? What do you think will happen if you stop weighing yourself?  Do you think that you will blow up like a blimp over night? Do you feel that you will lose control? How do the numbers really affect you? Do you feel good about it? Or does hopping on the scale everyday encourage you?

Your goal is to lose fat and you want to lose it TODAY! I understand that. Unfortunately it does not happen as fast as we want it to and focusing on the wrong things, including scales, will only set you up for failure.

It amazes me how these tiny insignificant numbers can control a person’s day.  Think about it.  You could be feeling fabulous in your skinny jeans however the scale tells you something different and that is how you allow yourself to feel for the rest of the day.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that you shouldn’t use a weight scale as one of the tools of assessing your progress. I just believe and I do see it with the women who I have worked with over the years that you should not become obsessed with what the scale says and to use other useful assessment tools, including your clothing in conjunction with using the scale.

The scale WILL fluctuate from day-to-day when you weigh yourself obsessively. What women don’t realize is that our weight can fluctuate from anywhere between 5-8 lbs. during the course of the month for the simple reason of our hormones. Even that can sometimes be daily! As well other factors such as; digestive issues, water retention, certain medications and stress can all affect the resulting number on the scale. Fluctuations are a normal part of life with our bodies. It is so much easier to not stress over them.

If we allow a number on the scale to affect how we feel about ourselves we don’t allow ourselves to be present in our own bodies. We shut down our awareness of how our body actually feels. We become disconnected from ourselves and let a number determine how we feel.

How many times have you felt great about your body until you step on the scale? How many times have you tried on a dress or pair of jeans and felt incredible then stepped on the scale and was disappointed in yourself with the lack of progression according to the number starring back at you?

What is the Definition of a Weighing Scale?

A scale is a weighing instrument.  It measures: level, size, balance, range, degree, extent, amount, magnitude, and dimension. What it doesn’t measure is; happiness, self-esteem, worthiness, lovability, beauty, body image or confidence. A scale does not measure the qualities or positive aspects about YOU or your body.

I want to share with you that I was once one of those women who used the scale as either a punishment or reward. The number became controlling and I got obsessed. When I was in my early twenties I finally felt free when I decided to never allow the scale to determine how I felt.  Instead, I listened to my body and made fitness and nutritional choices that made me feel good! With that simple change in my frame of thought, the results came with very little effort.

My suggestion is not to lose the scales altogether, instead create a healthier approach to lose your weighing obsession and learn to focus on how you FEEL. Only then you will start to see the weight and inches come off.

Allow yourself to weight in every 7 to 14 days on the same day and time.  I recommend first thing in the AM before you eat or drink anything. Check the number and then get back to focusing on what you need to do in order to keep dropping pounds and inches and feeling healthier regardless of what the scale reads!

You are worth so much more than a number on the scale; so don’t define yourself by one. You are healthy, fit, strong, confident and beautiful…believe that!

Learn 4 Healthy Way to Measure Your Weight Loss Progression without the Scale!

1.   Take tape measurements at your chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms. Reassess every 3-4 weeks to see progression.

2.   Take progress photos every 4 weeks and compare to your first day.

3.   Journal your progression so you can look back to see what you have successfully accomplished. You will notice simple things such as your daily activity becoming easier, your cravings diminishing and your sleeping habits improving.

4.   Find a pair of your tightest pair of pants that feel snug and try them on every other week. You will notice that they will feel loser!

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