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Rest is the Key to Weight Loss Success

Rest is the Key to Weight Loss Success

maldives-666118_640Often times, people believe that the benefits of exercise occur while you are training, assuming that more is better and that the more exercise you can cram into your week the better. In fact, the complete opposite is true. You will see these people spending endless hours in the gym, taking classes, lifting the same weights, following the same program year after year. Do you ever notice that their bodies never change?

This method of madness is incorrect, and in fact your weight loss and strength accomplishments accrues after your workouts during the recovery period. You will never get stronger, leaner and fitter while working out. You will actually attain these benefits while recovering from your workout.

You may ask, what about the really fit and strong people who seem to train all day and every day? The reason is, they are not fit because they spend hours in the gym. They are able to train that way because they are conditioned enough to do it. Many of these people are seasoned athletes who have been training like this for many years.  As a general rule, the more intense the workout, the longer the recovery period required.

orange-county-womens-fitness-7853-3It is so important to listen to what your body is naturally telling you. You will have to trust yourself on making the correct decision based on how you feel. If you feel tired and run down, then take it easy on your body and let it have a chance to repair and recover.  This would be a great opportunity to incorporate an active rest day to do a yoga class or long hike.  Not only are you keeping active but as well benefiting from the meditative aspect of allowing your mind to escape the everyday stresses.

You can also use an active rest day to play and participate in activities that are fun! Playing with your kids, throwing a Frisbee for your dog, shooting some hoops in the park with your significant other are all ways of active and playful rest. The goal is to enjoy yourself while not feeling like it is a chore and you are working out. The idea is to increase your overall amount of movement daily.

Will I Gain Weight?

You may think that taking a few days of active rest may sabotage your weight loss goals. This is not at all possible because your diet will ensure that you will not lose muscle or store body fat if you miss a workout. If you are following a high protein diet filled with healthy fats, fresh fruits and veggies and are avoiding sugar and processed foods then you will be able to maintain your body composition.  man-731900_640

These active rest days may seem intimidating at first, however you will find that you will be refreshed and motivated to get back on track with your program the next day and you will achieve your strength and weight loss goals!



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