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Time To Stretch Out!

Time To Stretch Out!
Time to stretch it out! Decrease stress, lose weight, and reduce your chance of illness simply by stretching!

Did you know that stretching is just as important as being active?!  I’m sure that you know that stretching is important for pre and post workout, but stretching itself can also do so much for your health!

Stretching can lead to better circulation, it helps to improve your nervous system, it can help with your posture, give you a clearer mind & happier attitude, and as well stretching can help you with the recovery of your workouts and overall tension.
Today I challenge you to stand up right now, wherever you are, reach your arms above your head stretch from side to side, bend forward to touch your toes, & slightly backwards. Even if you’re sitting at your desk in an office full of people…ESPECIALLY if you’ve been sitting at your desk…do these stretches!. Maybe even cross one ankle over your leg while seated and twist in the opposite direction to get a good stretch through your hips and glutes. Try doing this a few times a day, especially if you feel tension building or your body getting stiff. Doesn’t that feel GREAT?!
Stretching is one of my favourite activities and I practice it everyday after my workout for 15—20 minutes. I have even eliminated headaches with 5-10 minutes of stretching. Give it a try and see how much better you feel. I promise that you will have more mental clarity, energy and less tension and pain.
When is your favourite time of day to get some stretching in, and how do you make sure you do this? I always love hearing from all of you and your ideas help me improve my life and my practice as I share what I learn from you to my clients. So please share by commenting below!
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