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Tammy H, April 2005

What were your lifestyle and fitness goals when you started training with Karen?

I exercised regularly (5-6 times/week) but I had lost my energy and interest in working out. I needed a change and someone to help me get inspired again. Karen was just the person. I needed.

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

The location was great – she had a gym in our neighbourhood. Karen is uplifting and encouraging. She made me feel good about myself and she encourages me throughout my program. She has given me the confidence to work harder and the hope that I can change the look of my body.

How has your general life and fitness level changed while training with Karen?

I completely enjoy my time with Karen and the way she has motivated me. She inspires me with her encouragement and keeps me interested with her new routines. I work harder now and feel better pushing myself.. I also seem to sweat more!

My energy level is better and I am stronger. My husband says that he notices changes in my body composition. He says he can see my muscles in my arms and legs.

I find I sleep better at night now that I am working and training harder. My self esteem level has increased and I feel happier. She is amazing at what she does. She is beautiful and in such fabulous shape, however, she doesn’t carry herself in a way that intimidates you. She is very positive and supportive of all my accomplishments. I am so saddened by her move to Whitby. I have had three personal trainers so far and none of them were able to motivate me the way Karen has. She is professional and educational but also has a real talent for putting people at ease.

What do you like most about personal training?

I like the attention and having someone to make sure I’m doing the exercise properly to get the best results. I know that when I am done my workout, I have WORKED!

Has your nutrition improved since you first started training?

Before I wasn’t eating enough, now I eat more frequently. I have better control of what I eat and the portions as well.

What is your favourite cheat food or indulgence?

Chocolate anything!

What is/are your favourite exercise(s)?

I like the strength training. It is hard at times but I know I am going to get results. My favourite exercise is abdominal crunches on the ball with my hands above my head.


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