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Team KRG Athlete Lauren Shares Her Empowering Journey

Team KRG Athlete Lauren Shares Her Empowering Journey

I spent weeks to months flip flopping over the idea of competing in the bikini competition…I was committed around Christmas and then in February had a major life transformation.  At this time I continued to flip flop, having hard days and easy days that seemed to depict if I felt like going to the gym or what I felt like eating that day.  I sat down and really reflected on why I wanted to do the competition.  One reason was to support Danielle because she supported me in running my first full marathon, and secondly was because I wanted to do it for myself.  Through this transformation in my life I believe my biggest learning is to love yourself.  I have spent many years showing love for others but never truly loving myself.  And came to learn that you can never fully love anyone (family friends, your dog lol) until you love yourself.  I realized that I had to put myself first meaning take care of myself, put myself first and not rely on being carried through/by anyone else and that you are defined by how you live your life, not who you live it with and certainly not what you give up to be with that person.  So I sat down and asked myself what makes you feel better?  And my answer was the gym.  The competition continued to help me stay motivated, inspired and provide myself the self-love I needed through exercise.  It allowed me to release tension, anxiety and stress which allowed to the space and willingness to learn, love and find fulfillment and joy each day.  This competition was not about winning or about posting photo’s on Facebook, but was truly just for myself, I did it for me because I am good enough and I love myself.

How Karen Helped Me… 

Karen has been my trainer for 2 and half years now, supporting/training me for my first competition in April 2011.  Through training we built a friendship.  Karen has become way more than a trainer to my body but to my mind as well.  She has supported me through a time in my life that I felt powerless, sad, and insecure.  She was always been available for what I needed; whether it be to take my measurements or sit and have a glass of wine to vent!  I truly value Karen in my life because she has inspired me through her life transformations to stay strong, be vulnerable, and truly live a life you love through courage and choice.  Thanks Karen 🙂