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My name is Monica and I am a mother of three.
Having three children certainly keeps me active but I was finding that my weight was gradually increasing and I found my self-esteem deteriorate as a result. That is when I decided to join Karen’s fall fitness challenge on Facebook. I thought to myself “what do I have to lose!”

Not knowing what to expect, I was quickly taken back and overwhelmed by the support not only from Karen but from the other ladies in the group. I loved that there was lots of sharing of recipes and pictures to motivate each other and there was no judgment or expectation that one would need to share anything unless they want to.

The meal plans were my biggest challenge! As I looked them over, I instantly realized that my food choices in the past were the ultimate culprit for my weight gain. I wasn’t over eating but instead I was picking at the kids plates during meals and then eating whatever I could find late into the evening after everyone was asleep.

It became clear that I needed a balance between food and exercise. As I started to integrate the two properly I noticed that I wasn’t as bloated or tired and found that I had more patience and felt an overall ease. Although I haven’t yet convinced my children to eat some of the healthier dishes I was able to get them involved with my workouts. my 9 year old son goes running with me on occasion and my 5 year old daughter does pushups and burpees when I complete Karen’s home workouts (she makes them look easy but I warn you those workouts make you realize just how out of shape you really are)

I highly recommend Karen’s online 8 Week Body Love challenge as a kick start to a better you!
Initially I thought that losing weight would be the best end result for me (and yes I’ve lost some weight and inches) but in the end what I found to be more rewarding and important was that I gained a better understanding of balance and the importance of family time.

To join the 8 Week Body Love Challenge Click HERE


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