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Mother of Two Drops 4 Dress Sizes!

Mother of Two Drops 4 Dress Sizes!

Meet Diana!

Diana started working with me a year ago and she has lost 4 dress sizes – way to go Diana!

Diana’s Story…

Karen is beyond fantastic, fabulous and amazing! I met up with Karen in August of 2015 based on a recommendation of a friend and I am so glad I did! I was looking to get back into shape so that I could get pregnant after trying for three years. Within four weeks, I was down ten pounds and pregnant! I continued to work out and follow Karen’s recipes throughout my pregnancy and had my “last” pregnant workout with her days before my little one was born! With my first pregnancy it took me almost a week before I could stand due to a c-section. Thanks to working out with Karen this time around, I was up and walking around within hours of having my c-section and walking up stairs with ease when I got home! As soon as I had the all clear I was right back at it with Karen! I love that she works around my schedule and is always positive, encouraging and ready to push me! Karen has renewed my love of fitness and I love all the results that I have seen!

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