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What were your fitness and competition goals when you started training with Karen?

My goal was to compete in a figure competition and look like I belonged on stage.  I wanted to gain some muscle and lose as much fat as possible for the show.

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

Karen is a fitness pro herself and she has been doing this for years.  Her methods have been proven effective over and over again……just look at her pics!  I also chose Karen because she is a nutritionist and she knows how to create a balanced healthy diet which is very important to me.

What improvements have you achieved so far in your physique since training with Karen?

I shed a lot of body fat and l am leaner all over.  I finally got the elusive 6-pack!  My muscles have gotten just a little bit fuller is all the right places.

What has benefited you the most when training with Karen?

Her knowledge about diet has been most helpful.  Diet is the key.  She has taught me how to diet for a competition but also to have a healthy balanced diet that can keep me looking and feeling great all year round.  She also taught me that I can work much harder in the gym than I do on my own.  I always have to try to keep pushing to the next level when I train now.

What do you like most about your pre-contest training and diet?

I loved watching my body change.  It’s amazing to see that when you train hard and eat well you can actually see your body change from day to day.

Would you recommend Karen as a trainer?  Why?

YESSSSSS!  Because she is the best in the business.  Once you train with Karen you will never train with someone else.

What are your favorite “diet” and “non-diet” foods?

Diet-egg whites with peppers and mushrooms

Non-diet-I love warm goat cheese on a green salad

What is/are your favorite exercises?

Pull ups-because I feel strong doing them

Squats and lunges-anything that works the butt is great in my book

What are your most memorable moments training with Karen?

I would have to say having her teach me how to walk and pose.  I was so insecure looking at first and my posture was rotten.  After some proper instruction I was able to rock the stage with my head held high.

What are your greatest fitness accomplishments so far?

Training and competing in a fitness model and figure competition.


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