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I had a fairly active lifestyle before I started training with Karen. I did cardio at the gym and weights at home, but I was becoming bored with my routine and couldn’t get past that “plateau”. I was no longer looking forward to my workouts. Since I have always had a fairly slim build, I needed help gaining more muscle and definition.

I was never really impressed with the trainers at my gym. They didn’t have the experience or knowledge I needed. I wanted one on one training sessions with someone who could push my routine farther that I could myself. I was very impressed after meeting with Karen

She has that experience and knowledge I was looking for. Her private studio (which is very nice!) gives us that one on one time. The most important reason that I chose Karen was because this is her lifestyle as well and not just a hobby. She enjoys working with her clients and it comes through in her personality.

In the few months that I have been training with Karen, I have noticed a great improvement in my strength and physique. My legs are more defined and I m also increasing size in my upper body. I have more energy now and I look forward to my workouts, both with Karen and on my own. It is a very rewarding feeling to see the improvements I was looking for.

What I like most about personal training is being able to use Karen’s guidance and knowledge to improve my workouts. Plus the fact that I have someone who can motivate me so that I push myself harder especially when I m on my own.

I was a fairly healthy eater but Karen has shown me, which foods to eat and when in order to keep my energy levels constant throughout the day and to keep my body fuelled during workouts. I find now that I eat healthier, I don’t feel the need to eat all of those rich foods anymore.

My favourite “cheat” food would have to be anything that is sweet. I keep a stash of Lindt Dark Chocolate squares in the cupboard for those days when I need a little treat.

My favourite exercise would be walking lunges. But I also like it when Karen tries new exercises with me. I enjoy the challenge of trying to do it better next time. WE stick to the basics, but she adds on new stuff to keep things interesting.


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