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What were your lifestyle and fitness goals when you first started training with Karen?

I came to Karen when I had completed a round of physio for degenerative disc disease (DDD) complications. Although this sounds daunting everyone’s discs are degenerating……although my work and my fitness activities in the past have aggravated my condition. That being said, I have always been active and fit and being type A it isn’t easy for me to self monitor my activities as I tend to overdue it. Not wanting to end up off work and in pain and since staying in physio wasn’t a pleasant prospect I decided to contact Karen after seeing her add in the local newspaper.

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

After meeting with Karen, discussing my needs and goals and hearing her recipe for my success, I decided to sign up for six months. She has been an inspiration to me to keep going and she keeps me going with excellent, physically demanding, varied and safe routines. I have 100% of her attention for the full hour I am there and that means so much to me. Her knowledge and drive makes every session challenging and interesting. I never know what she will ask me to try next!

How has your general life and fitness level changed while training with Karen?

I have strengthened and toned considerably since working with Karen. If I have to run, I can!

What improvements have you achieved so far?

I am back doing my fast walking and bike riding with no recurrence of the symptoms of DDD.

What do you like most about your personal training?

I like the structure, the accountability and 100% of the trainer’s attention while I am there.

How has your nutrition improved since you first started training?

I am aware of the importance of my protein intake and I am eating more vegetables and salads. Also, watching the “good and bad” fats and picking more healthy snacks. Be prepared and plan your food, it leaves no room for random eating!

What is you favorite “cheat” or “indulgence” food?

Burger and fries from Star Burger!

What is/are your favorite exercises?

Core strengthening/balancing on the ball combined with weights, it makes me concentrate!


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