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What were your fitness and competition goals when you started training with Karen?

I started with Karen the very last part of my training, 6 weeks out from the Ontario’s.  My goal was to lean out in time for the competition.

What are your main reasons for choosing Karen as your personal trainer?

I have seen her other clients.  All amazing, and everyone does well at their competitions.  Plus I just love her as a friend.

What improvements have you achieved so far in your physique?

I am leaner then I have ever been in my three years of competing

What has benefited you the most when training with Karen?

Her contest diet was amazing, and I loved her leg workout and cardio programs.

Really helped to lean out my legs.

What do you like most about your pre-contest training and diet?

Are we supposed to like it?  Smile!!!

Would you recommend Karen as a trainer?  Why?

Of course! Karen is well qualified in many areas, and she cares on a personal level about her clients.  Most importantly, she gets the job done.

What is your favorite “cheat” or “indulgence” food?

Anything sweet!

I love chocolate dipped in peanut butter.

What is/are your favorite exercises?

I like most everything, but I guess I would have to say anything for shoulders

Laura’s Accomplishments

1st Grand Masters (Over 45 years) ~ OPA Ontario Championships June 2008 


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